Friday, 29 October 2010

Golden number


Hi people!

You already know what pi= 3,1415... is but what about phi= 1,618...?

Visit the website again to find lots of information about this topic and check the online dictionary if you have any trouble with the vocabulary, and of course, if you still have problems, ask your teacher!

So, read carefully the following questions and write down the answers.


  1. Describe in a few words what the golden number is?

  2. What is the mathemathical value of this number?

  3. Which letter from the greek alphabet is used for the golden number?

  4. Draw a single line and divide it in two parts with a golden ratio.

    Now explain why is it like this in this particular way.

  5. Tell how to build a golden rectangle.

  6. What buildings or historical monuments are built following that shape.

  7. Find the golden section in Keops's Pyramid.

  8. What are the numbers of the Fibonacci series?

  9. Why this logical progression in the Fibonacci series happen? And what happens if you divide one of this number and the following one.

  1. Which famous book and movie could you find this numbers in?

  2. Where can you find the golden ratio in the Nature and on Human beings?

    Explain some exemples.

  3. Write down some more examples of where could you find it in art and others.

  4. Have you heard about Vitrubian's man? What is is?

  5. Could you demonstrate with mathemathical formulation why phi = 1,6180... ?

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