Tuesday, 12 October 2010

First activity in Biology

Here I'm, in my first collaboration in this blog... let's see how I manage
In my biology class, 3r ESO B, I've used some of the material Joan gathered in the blog.
In a treasure hunting, I've used three slideshows in English as information source for the questions. It wasn't the only one source, they've got the book and some webs in Spanish too (it was my first try, I didn't want to begin with a fail!!)
I've given them the slides in photocopies. All the groups have worked in translation, and some of them have answered some questions in English. Not all the question, and not all the groups, to be honest, but it was not compulsory. I'd just suggested in class I may reflect in the marks the effort of writing in English.
The texts they had to read were short and quite easy but, anyway, I thing it's a success for the first activity.
Now I'm planning three more steps:
  • To look some short video in English
  • To ask for definitions in a glossary in Catalan and English
  • To show them the cell and tissues paints in English (there are really good pictures in the web)

And that's all what I've done... not too much for one month, but anyway I've begun

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