Friday, 11 November 2011

Science for contemporary world I

I have a lot of commentaries to share about the new course of Science for Contemporary World. They are so many that I have been unable to find the time to write them all. So I have decided that a little part is better than nothing, and I am going to explain you two simple points:

Students have a lot of problems with original English without subtitles, I have checked it when I have shown them a rather simple one:

and from now on I am going to use subtitled videos. I have to show them these ones: , some 45 minutes about black matter and energy. Original subtitles are in greek, but there is an automatic translation that seems to work quite well. I'm not sure about the language I will choose (English or Catalan) in the final subtitles. Home, the film. The English voice and the images are incredibly beautiful. Let's see if they are able to manage with English subtitles.

I've constructed a rubrica to correct the work I asked the students to do in Theme 0. I have left it here, in case you want to have a look. It follows the rule of adding English as a way to improve their marks, never as a penalization.

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